We warmly invite you to share with our Parish Family. 

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"We are not closed ... we are operating differently."

Join us as we discover new ways to stay connected to each other and God, and grow our faith in these extremely challenging times.

5th Sunday of Lent - 29 March 2020 - St John Bosco Engadine

Thanks to all who prayed with us.

St John Bosco Enagdine Mass - 9.30am on 29 March 2020

Other Videos from the Parish Reaching out to her parishioners

During the pandemic, our Parish will continue to employ our office staff, youth workers and Sacramental coordinator. They will serve parishioners in some of the same ways they normally serve us, and in many new, and very different ways. Staff salaries and other Parish expenses continue.  If you are able to continue your financial contributions during these difficult times it will as always be gratefully accepted. To contribute you may use the Secure Payment button showing at the top right and use Biller Code ‘Planned Giving’ for your Direct Giving contributions or code ‘Other’ to support our Parish Priests. THANK YOU SO MUCH

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