History of our Parish

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Bosco Engadine

A History of St John Bosco Parish Engadine, Heathcote, Waterfall, Yarrawarrah and Woronora Heights 1947-2007

In 2005 Fr Peter Rankin, Parish Priest, asked one of our Parishioners, Michael Kenny, to lead a committee of ten Parishioners to compile this very detailed book in 2007.  We will provide a summary of some of the more notible events during 1947-2007, and some of the more recent Parish history below.  We commend this book to you as a detailed account of the rapid growth of our Parish to what it is today in a little over 70 years.  Copies of the book are available from the Parish Office boscosecretary@gmail.com.  

Parish Timeline 1947 to 2023 - the Parish future is in your hands and it will be what you make of it

How did we become the Salesian Parish of St John Bosco Engadine 

This time line has been compiled with the assistance of the above mentioned book.  Some sections have been quoted without the usual references being provided.  Many more interesting details are available in the book:

Establishment of our Churches 

So, we became a Salesian Parish in 1952 and commenced our growth:

Establishment of our Schools

Catering for our Youth

Catering for the Elderly - John Paul Village

The Mission in Action Fund

Our Parish Priests