Our Parish has two publications:  The BULLETIN, a weekly news sheet which, also contains the readings for the week.  The BOSCONIAN is a quarterly booklet.  

In addition, we provide links to two Australian Salesian publications.   

Reading all four of these publications will provide you with updates of the work being done by the Salesians in our Parish, throughout Australia and in the Pacific region.

The Bulletin (click on the arrow in the top right corner to read the document)

The Bulletin is our Parish weekly news sheet, informing parishioners upcoming events, and other important notices; a reflection from our priests; and the weekly readings.  It is distributed via email every week or in paper form at each church.  If you wish to be added to the email list contact the Parish Office 9520-8277 or Email: 

The Bosconian (click on the arrow in the top right corner to read the document)

The Bosconian is our quarterly Parish magazine produced by volunteersIt contains informative reports from various Parish groups, reflections and articles from our priests and others in the community.  The coloured publication is produced in A5 and A4 sizes.  It is also available in online format below and the pdf version is distributed on publication day with the weekly Bulletin via email.  If you would like to contribute an article, or would like to receive the Bosconian pdf and the Bulletin via email please contact the Parish Office 9520-8277 or Email:

The Golden Book

The Golden Book is displayed in the Foyer of the Engadine Church.  Those enrolled in the Golden Book are prayed for in the 9.30am Mass on the first Sunday of the month at Engadine Church.

Enrol a family member or friend, living or dead.  A suggested donation to the maintenance of the Shrine of St John Bosco is $20 enrolment.  A card bearing the name of the person you enrolled will be posted to you from the Parish Priest.  To enrol simply send an email to or drop into the office.  Donations can be made using our Secure Payment system.

Australian Salesian Bulletin

The Australian Salesian Bulletin was first published in 1955.  The purpose of the Salesian Bulletin, according to the mind of St John Bosco, is to be informational and formational. It endeavours to keep its readers abreast of the main events in the Church and the Congregation on the local and worldwide level with particular attention to the overseas missions.  The Australian Salesian Bulletin maintains a focus on youth issues.  Copies of the Bulletin are available on this LINK.

Salesian Missions News

Salesian Missions Australia provides you catchy news related to their works and achievements.  Be sure to keep in touch with us and stay tuned!  View the latest news letters on this LINK.

Salesian's of Don Bosco

If you haven't discovered already, Don Bosco simply means Father John Bosco.  John Bosco developed teaching methods based on love rather than punishment, a method that became known as the Salesian Preventative System. A follower of the St Francis de Sales, Bosco dedicated his works to him when he founded the Salesians of Don Bosco, based in Turin, Italy.

This link is not a publication, but rather the website for the Salesian's in Australia and the Pacific.  It will provide you with all the knowledge you desire on Don Bosco and the Salesians.

Parish Annual Reports

Annual reports are available at the bottom of the pages on the following links: