Memorial Garden

Dedicated to the memory of all people who walked this land before us; the Dharawal People, Early Pioneers and Parishioners of St John Bosco

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Example service for Interment

๐Ÿ“Ritual of Interment of Ashes

A Columbarium is a wall of niches to hold the ashes of our loved ones. If you wish to apply for or reserve a niche please fill out the Application form.

We have 4 walls each with 40 niches on the front (facing the water feature) and 27 on the back.

It is possible to purchase a niche memorial plaque, a brass plate that covers the niche which can be purchased at the same time as your niche, or at a later date after inurnment. Click the Apply button and select Plaque in the options provided.

Click HERE for current availability and pricing before you apply.

The plaques overall size is 152mm x 152mm.

Opening Line is generally "In loving memory of" however you can modify this to a maximum of 26 characters.

Name Line(s) shows the deceased name, this can span 1 or 2 lines as required. A maximum of 18 characters per line is allowed for. If you need to span two lines you will specify this on your application.

Date of Birth and Death

Description lines. It is recommended you have a maximum of 6 lines otherwise this can become crowded. The maximum characters per line is 26.

Am I able to purchase just one niche, which will contain the ashes of two people?

No. It is our policy that only one persons ashes will be permitted in one niche. In most cases there would be insufficient space for two urns within the niche. You may purchase two niches side by side if you wish.

Can I order the Niche Memorial Plaque at the time of Niche purchase?

No. The person needs to be deceased at the time of purchase of the plaque. We canโ€™t order the plaque until the date of death is known.

Can I reserve a niche now and pay for it at time of inurnment?

You need to make full payment at time of application otherwise we will be unable to reserve the niche of your choice. The cost of the niches are reviewed annually, so if you buy now you are likely to pay less than you would at the time of inurnment.

Will the cost of the plaque be fixed at the time of niche purchase, even though I am not ordering the plaque now?

No. The price of the plaques will be reviewed annually and will likely increase in line with production costs. The current price will be shown on our website and in the plaque request form you need to fill out at the time of purchase.

Does the niche have to contain the ashes of the person shown on a memorial plaque?

Yes. A niche cannot be used for a plaque alone, without the ashes being placed in the niche.

How big is the Memorial Plaque?

The plaque is 152cm square. Although you can have 10 lines on a plaque it can appear overcrowded, we would strongly recommend 6 lines or less. There is no lower limit to the lines used although a minimum 3 lines would be necessary for a simple declaration such as:

  1. "In loving memory of

  2. Name

  3. Date of Death

The Name can contain no more than 18 characters and each line of text no more than 26 characters.


The Tree of Life is a granite wall upon which memorial leaf plaques are placed. The tree is a lasting reminder of the many people who have been a part of our Parish Community over the years.

Unfortunately positions on the tree cannot be reserved and the persons named on the plaque must be deceased.

Price for a Tree of Life is currently $264. These prices are subject to change and are valid 1st August 2021.

Click HERE for current availability before you apply.

The plaque is limited to 4 lines only consisting of:

  • Line 1: Max 19 characters

  • Line 2: Max 22 characters

  • Line 3: Max 28 characters

  • Line 4: Max 19 characters


The memorial garden committee members are:

  • Treasurer Brian Carnegie

  • Registrar Helen Gurney, Helen Duthie

  • Maintenance Co-ordinator Kevin Gurney

  • Memorial Service Co-ordinator Annette Milross and Bernadette Winn

Please contact the Parish Office and they will direct your enquiry as required.

Want to discuss these options with a loved one? click this LINK to download a printable document.