Disaster Relief Stream Recent Appeals

Syrian Earthquake Appeal - Salesian Missions $10,692 February 2023

In excess of 40,000 deaths; in excess of 6 million people without homes in sub zero temperatures. The Salesians in Syria are mobilised, helping people displaced.  We had the opportunity to donate to Salesian Missions Australia who ensure that 100% of our donations get to the Salesians in the earthquake zones to assist people impacted directly.  Parishioners donated $10,692 which was matched by the MIAF.

The CEO of Salesian Missions, Tina Newton, responded to our donation "Wow, once again a huge effort from the St John Bosco parishioners.  Thank you and the Mission in Action Fund for all your support for the Salesian works. I will ensure that the funds are sent across to Syria to help with the relief efforts." 

Ukraine Appeal - Salesian Missions, $3,663, June 2022

A 2nd Appeal conducted with Parishioner donations, $11,150, October 2022

Salesians in Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia have sent dozens of humanitarian convoys to Ukraine, containing medical supplies, food, blankets, power generators, personal hygiene items. Salesian Missions Australia has launched an Emergency Appeal to bring aid to refugees.  We supported this appeal.

NSW Flood Appeal - through CWA, $10,669, February 2022

A second NSW Flood Appeal, $7,080, December 2022

Many people across our state were confronted by severe floods, particularly on the north coast.  Many people were displaced with homes and contents ruined.

Later in 2022 widespread floods devastated many rural communities across NSW. A second appeal was held.  All parishioners donations, matched by the MIAF totalled $35,498.  These donations were channelled through the CWA, who provide grants of up to $3,000 per family to assist with household bills during times of such disaster. 

Previous Distaster Appeals

The following appeals have been conducted within the Parish since 2019.  The amounts shown are Parishioner donations and then the total Combined with MIAF donation.

Total donated to 30/6/22 by parishioners under this Stream $50,891, totalling $101,782 when matched by the MIAF.