Knights of the Southern Cross

The Knights of the Southern Cross, (KSC), is a National body of Catholic men devoted to :

The Order is affiliated with many overseas Orders of Knights in various countries with the same objects and aims as our own. 

The Order was founded in the early 1920’s, when social justice and equity was being denied to anyone professing and practising the Catholic Faith.  During those early times very strict security of Members and Order business was maintained from necessity. Today the Order is able to be much more public about it’s work, due no doubt to much of the good work done in the early years by our pioneer members.

The work of the Order today is often of a more practical nature, such as wardens and ushers at our main cathedrals, at public gatherings such as World Youth Day, and Catholic processions. Members of local Branches are generally heavily involved in their Parish groups, and meet on a monthly basis to spend a short time in prayer and bible study, while also attending to other Parish matters, such as church maintenance and organisation of social occasions, always working within the boundaries of the Orders objects, listed at the head of this article.

New members are always very welcome, particularly those of the younger generation, as we look forward to continuing the great work of the pioneers. In Engadine Parish, those men wishing to examine the Knights with a view to membership should first contact the Secretary, Ian MacDonald.

MenALIVE  is " A National Catholic Men's Ministry" which began in Brisbane in 2003 at the initiative of two Catholic laymen, together with the support of the Brisbane Archbishop.  Since then, they have run successful menALIVE weekends in most Australian states and New Zealand, including Engadine in 2017.