Cleaning, Maintenance and Lawn Mowing


This is a group of men who help maintain the church and the parish centre.  They do basic maintenance and servicing tasks and general tidying up on Thursday mornings. They are always looking for willing helpers.



If you choose to do the lawn mowing on another day other than the Saturday, please let the Parish Centre by calling 02 9520-8277

📅 Current Roster

Let the Parish Office know if there are any fuel or mower problems  (e.g. blades etc.).  All grass cuttings can be placed in the green garbage bins.  Lawnmower and the petrol are provided.

If you cannot make your rostered day please arrange a swap with a person from an upcoming date on this roster.

🕿 Contacts

Paul Dewberry - (02) 9520 8277

Friday Church Cleaning Ladies

Church Cleaning Ladies: for Engadine

('The Friday Ladies')


Just before the Shrine was finished, one of the burning issues for Fr Ciantar our, then, Parish Priest was who could he get to clean it on a regular basis, how much might it cost and how would the Parish ever afford it? He decided to ask some Ladies of the Parish if they would consider forming a group to do the job. They agreed and so The Church Cleaning Ladies – or as they are more commonly known – The Friday Ladies came into existence. That was back in 1967 and some of the ladies also took on the task of doing the flowers for weddings and other special occasions.


Successive Parish Priests have continued to ask Parishioners to support and help with the cleaning of the church.

About 60 Ladies have been part of The Friday Ladies since 1967; with some originals still there although now in their 80s.


There has never been a roster. The Ladies simply come if they can; after the 9.20 Mass on Friday mornings. They also pitch in and do whatever needs to be done to keep the Shrine sparkling clean; with fresh floral arrangements for weddings and festive occasions.


If you would like to be part of our special ministry, we would welcome you enthusiastically.


Parish Office.

Phone: 9520 8277  Email: