Child Baptism

Baptisms are held most Sundays at 11.15 am at Engadine

If you are an non Christian adult wishing to be baptised please click here for Adult Baptism  that is part of the Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA).

 Your child's baptism is the beginning of a great adventure as they respond to the call to walk with God.  

It is also a journey for you as parents, as you encourage and guide your child in their Christian faith, and an invitation to deepen your connection to the Catholic Community.  

We, the parish, support you and your child in this journey.

When permitted, we aim to have a maximum of 3 families for each baptism celebration.  Please call the office to confirm your date.

Step 1: Begining Session

We invite you to an evening with the parish priest to formally begin your child's journey and to reflect on the gift of your child, what baptism could mean for them and to outline the baptismal principles that we have in our parish

Even if you have Baptised other children we encourage you to see this child's journey as special.

Step 2: Preparation

At our parish we like to ensure you feel welcome and supported.   Your Baptism preparation evening will be held at one of our parishioner's homes.  There you will explore what Baptism means to you and learn the deeper meaning  of the symbols used during Baptism and the process that we follow for presentation to the parish and the Baptism itself.  A couple will be assigned to you during your initial meeting with the priest.


“Baptism . . . now saves you, not as a removal of dirt from the body but as an appeal to God for a clear conscience, through the resurrection of Jesus Christ.”  Peter 3:21 


washing away original sin and fostering the birth of a new life in Christ.


provide strength and to show we are sealed with the gifts of the Holy Spirit.


the light of Christ has entered our life and the flame of faith burns throughout it


a white garment shows that we have put on Christ and have risen with Him.


I view this as the beginning of their faith journey, an important starting place which grounded them, as belonging to God’s family...Janet Wright
To work out what I want it to mean for Emma I first had to think about what it has and does mean to me...Mark Nicholls
we are custodians of our child’s Faith until they're old enough to begin understanding the power of God's love and his/her presence in their lives. It is important that we give our children every opportunity to further and deepen their understanding no matter how young they are...

Step 3: Presentation at Mass

Your child will be presented to the parish at one of our regular Sunday masses where they will be anointed and you will be presented with a stole and a candle for the day of their Baptism.  The fine details will be discussed in your preparation session.  Our parish will pledge to help you to raise you child in the catholic faith. 

We suggest you do the 3 preparation steps well before the sacramental celebration to ensure there are no surprises on the day.  

Step 4: Celebration

The first part of the baptismal rite was when your child was presented to the parish and anointed.

The second step usually takes place Sunday at 11:15am at Engadine.

Contact the parish secretary to book your baptism by telephone on 02 9520 8277 or via email at 

When your child attends mass they hear the Word of God, over and over, planting the seed. One day those seeds may blossom unexpectedly when they desperately need them.

Step 5: Attend masses

Children are welcome at all masses at Engadine.  If you and your family prefer our Kiddies Corner is at the back of the church offering more space and boxes of books for your children to enjoy.

The Youth mass is every Sunday evening at 5pm at Engadine.  

Come and join us for children's liturgy it's fun!

Children's Liturgy

Children's liturgy is held regularly, during term time.  Check out our Youth Faith page for more information and lots of useful activities for your children to enjoy.

Family Mass

Family mass is held monthly at 9:30am at Engadine.  This is run by our school Family Educator.  Check out our Youth Faith page for more details.

Connecting young people through friendship and faith. 

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