At Confirmation, we are sealed with gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit, who strengthens and guides our faith.


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Confirmation Information (for parents and child to be confirmed)

Two options :

14 May at 4pm or 7pm.

Session is for the parents  and children to be confirmed.

St John Bosco Catholic Church, Engadine

Enrolment Mass (Parents and Children)

18th and 19th May - Pentecost, at all Engadine Masses.  -   during these masses you can also book your time for confirmation ceremony.

Parents/Carers remember to bring your HOPE for your child on a card or letter.  To be used in the ritual.

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During the mass you will be invited to share with your child the following ritual.   click to see

Focus Masses 

There are two special Masses that will have a focus on our Confirmation candidates.

19th May - Pentecost at the 9.30 am or 5 pm Mass ...  Be there 15mins before the masses-   9.15 am or 4.45pm

11th August at the 9.30am mass or 5pm Mass.    Be there 15mins before the masses-   9.15 am or 4.45pm

St John Bosco Catholic Church, Engadine 

State School Supplement

For year 6 children not attending a St John Bosco Primary, we are also providing four preparation sessions to cover what is normally done in the Catholic School Curriculum.

Sun 23rd June at 4pm 

Sun 30th June at 4pm

Sun 21st July at 4pm

Sun 28th July at 4pm        

at St John Bosco Parish Centre, 50 Waratah Rd, Engadine NSW 2233

Sponsor Night (optional)

A special night is being planned with our youth group for your child and their sponsor. This is a great opportunity to connect your child with their sponsor in a fun and meaningful way as part of their confirmation journey.


St John Bosco Parish Center

Practice for Confirmation

There will be a practice session the day before your confirmation 

Mon.   12th Aug at 4pm for 13th and 16th Aug Confirmations

Thurs.  22nd Aug at 4pm for the 23rd Aug. Confirmations.

St John Bosco Catholic Church, Engadine 

Sacrament of Confirmation Ceremony

We will offer three Masses for the Sacrament of Confirmation (You can register for your preference during the enrolment Masses on May.

Tues. 13th Aug at 7pm

Fri. 16th Aug at 7pm

Fri 23 Aug at 7pm

St John Bosco Church, Engadine 

Here is the Link to register for the mass you wish to attend.  (This will not open until after the Enrolment mass - 19th May) 

Just register once - and you may bring as many of your family as you wish.

Certificate Masses

Certificates will be given out at all Engadine masses on the weekend of 24th/25th Aug.

Click here to choose which Mass you will receive your certificate (This will not open until after the Enrolment mass - 19th May)

Your Contribution

We ask families to make a $50 contribution (per family/per year) towards the cost of our Sacramental program. You can do this via our online donations page.

Our Sacramental Journey begins here so lets find out what is all means.

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