In the Eucharist, Jesus gives himself completely to us. Jesus becomes the spiritual food we need.

First Holy Communion

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FHC Information Session (for parents)

Two options:

Wednesday 3rd Sept. - 4 pm  or  7 pm

These sessions are for the parents - if you bring your children please give them a book or game to keep them busy. 

St John Bosco Catholic Church, Engadine

FHC Enrolment Mass (Parents and Children)

You can enrol for the sacrament of communion during any Mass at Engadine on 7th / 8th of Sept.

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During the mass you will be invited to share with your child the following ritual.   click to see

Be sure to bring your HOPE for your child around the Sacrament on a piece of paper or Card.

FHC Focus Mass (Parents and Children)

There will be four focus sessions to help your child journey towards receiving the Eucharist for the first time. These sessions are 15 minutes before 9:30 am and 5 pm Mass and will focus on a different aspect of the Mass each week.

Sunday 8th September At 9.15am or   4.45pm at Engadine.

Sunday 15th September At 9.15am or   4.45pm at Engadine.

Sunday 22nd  September At 9.15am or   4.45pm at Engadine.

Sunday 27th October At 9.15am or   4.45pm at Engadine.

St John Bosco Catholic Church, Engadine

State School Supplement

For year children not attending a St John Bosco Primary, we are also providing four preparation sessions to cover what is normally done in the Catholic School Curriculum.

Sunday 15th September - 8:30 am

Sunday 22nd September - 8:30 am

Sunday 13th October - 8:30 am

Sunday 20th October - 8:30 am

St John Bosco Parish Centre, 50 Waratah Rd, Engadine NSW 2233

Practice for FHC

Two different practice sessions will be made available to help you get ready for your special day

Friday 1st November - 4pm

Friday 8th November - 4pm

St John Bosco Catholic Church, Engadine 

Sacrament of First Holy Communion Ceremony

We will be during parish Masses at St John Bosco Church on the Weekends of 2/3rd Nov  and  9/10th Nov.

 (You will be able to register for your preferred session during the enrolment Masses in August)

FHC Certificate Masses

Your child will be presented with their certificate at an Engadine Mass of your choice on Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th November.

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Your Contribution

We ask families to make a $50 contribution (per family/per year) towards the cost of our Sacramental program. You can do this via our online donations page.

Our Sacramental Journey begins here so lets find out what is all means.

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