Welcome - I am Tracey Richardson the Primary school Family Educator. I help coordinate the family masses. Email me if you have any questions or would like to be involved:


Family Masses in 2023 - at Engadine

19th Feb - Welcome to Kindies Focus 9.30am

26 March - Led by Y4 families 5pm

30 April - Led by Primary School Houses. 9.30am

28 May - Led by Y1 families 9.30am

18 June - Led by Y2 families 9.30am

30 July Led by Y5 families 5pm

27 Aug Led by Y6 families 5pm

11 Sept Holidays

29 Oct Led by Catechist families 9.30am

19 Nov Led by Y3 families 9.30am

24 Dec All invited to lead. 5pm

Guidelines for Ministries at the Family Mass


πŸ•‘ TIME 9:15AM

🎯 To be a positive and hospitable presence

  • Greet and welcome people with a smile as they arrive with their families before they make their way into the church.

  • Hand out the parish bulletins, found just inside the church foyer. Make sure to leave some in the trays for any parishioners who you don't get chance to greet.

  • Spread yourselves out under the awning area at the front of the church so that you catch people as they come in from various directions.

  • Dress smart, first impressions count.

Penitential rite


🎯 Help the people to pray for God's Mercy

  • Sit in the second row at the front of the church

  • When your reading is finished, walk and stand in front of the Altar and wait for all the other readers to join you.

  • Bow together (facing the Altar) and return to your seats.

  • Remember to speak slowly and clearly and pause (1 potato, 2 potato , 3 potato) before you say "Lord have mercy" or "Christ have mercy" - this allows people time to think about what you have said.

Procession of the word


🎯 Showing reference and specialness of God's Word.

  • Sit at the back of the church near the centre aisle - Your family then spreads out down the isle.

  • The book should be held up and out in front of your face (but not so you can't see where you are walking).

  • Walk down the centre aisle to the waiting member of your family - and then slowly turn a full circle and show the "Word" to all the congregation, holding the book up high. Give it to your family member who does the same.

  • Last person hands the book to the priest and then return to your seat.

Proclaiming the word


The congregation will sit down and that is your cue

🎯 You are sharing God's Word with the People!

  • Walk to the altar and bow before proceeding to the Lectern.

  • Pause after you announce the reading.

  • Don't rush, speak slowly and clearly, remember people are trying to listen to the Word.

  • Pause before "The Word of the Lord".

Click HERE for an excellent website on how to be a good Lector.



🎯 Thank you for collecting and enable the people to share in this way.

  • We normally have two collections, the first for the priests of the parish, the second for the running of the parish.

  • Children will be accompanied by an adult who must stay close, this will be a parent or a parishioner.

  • The donations will be gathered and taken by the adults to the back of the church.

Prayers of the faithful


The priest will call you to come forward.

🎯 You are leading the People in Prayer!

  • Walk to the Altar and bow before heading to the Lectern.

  • If you are sharing the prayers with others, stand to the back when you have completed your part.

  • Announce each prayer clearly and if you will be saying "Lord Hear Us" pause slightly before you say it.

  • Take your time, don't rush through the prayers



🎯 Keep your head up and walk slowly.

  • Sit at the back of the church, in the centre aisle

  • Each person will be assigned an aisle to walk down.

  • Collect the gifts for the processing from the alcove at the back of church.

  • The person carrying the bread will go first, then the wine and lastly the baskets of food and collection bags. Usually this follows the verses of the offertory hymn.

  • The priest will invite you to hold up your gift and will deliver a prayer. This will repeat for the other gifts.

  • Return to your seat before the "Holy, Holy" prayer starts.

Thank you to all our volunteers who participate in the Family Mass.

πŸ™‹ Still got questions? Please contact Tracy at tracey.richardson@syd.catholic.edu.au